Singapore TOTO REUNION Draw Result 02 Feb 2024 Fri, 1st Prize $5 Million Jackpot Winner

$5 Million TOTO Special Reunion Draw Results 02-02-2024 Friday Winning Numbers. The Singapore Reunion Draw Brings with it a wave of Excitement Today. Enabling everyone to check their ticket against the winning numbers. Whether it’s the thrill of a win or the hope for a life-altering Jackpot. We shall soon Update the Singapore TOTO Reunion Draw Winner tonight for Friday, 2 February 2024. Stay Updated with the Latest Lottery outcomes, as Results are instantly published after the draw Announcement, check the TOTO Reunion Jackpot $5 Million Winner for Feb 2, 2024.

Singapore TOTO Reunion Draw Result February 02, 2024

Therefore, the Winning numbers for February 2, 2024, will be updated here as soon as they are Released. will luck be on your side this time? check back it discover if you have hit the Jackpot with the Singapore Pools TOTO Reunion Lottery Draw on 2 Feb 2024 @9:30pm. Stay tuned for the Number that could potentially change Someone’s life as soon as the Official results are Released. The main purpose of the Reunion Draw is Chinese New Year 2024 Starts on February 10, 2024. To ring in the impending lunar New Year, Singapore Pools has rolled out another potential banger of a draw on Feb 2, 2024.

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TOTO Reunion Draw Results 02-02-2024

The Anticipation is high as players Desperately await for the Announcement of the TO Reunion Draw results for Friday Night. The Jackpot $5 Million winner for the night would be announced. and fortunes could be made with the right combination of numbers. The Winning Numbers and Winning Shares will be Revealed around 9:30 pm. TOTO Reunion Draw Result 2024

Players Anxiously refreshed the page, eagerly waiting for the Winning number that could potentially make them the lucky jackpot winner of the TOTo Reunion on this memorable Friday night. The sum snowballed to $5 Million after there was no winner for the group 1 Prize of $5 Million. Punters are advised to check LIVE TOTO Reunion draw at the Singapore Pools website.

How to Play TOTO Reunion Draw On Friday, 2 Feb 2024

  1. To Play toto, pick at least 5 Numbers between 1 and 49
  2. The minimum cost is $3 Inclusive of GST
  3. Draws take place every Monday & Thursday at 6.30 PM.
  4. If it is Cascade Jackpot draw the time will be at 9.30 PM.
  5. In Every draw 6 Winning numbers and one Additional number are drawn
  6. If your chosen number includes at least three of the winning numbers, you win a prize.

02 Feb 2024 Friday Reunion Winning Numbers

2 27 29 36 44 48

Additional Number: 12

Singapore Reunion Draw 2024 Result Prize Groups

Prize GroupShare AmountNo.of Winning Shares
Group 1$5,974,3611
Group 2$96,75113
Group 3$1,988435
Group 4$3751,258
Group 5$5024,123
group 6$2536,873
Group 7$10458,328

Singapore TOTO REUNION Draw 02-02-2024 Results: Check Here